4 Bay VIP Shower Unit

Inside view of each cubicle
  • Individual shower cubicles 
  • Male or Female use
  • Gas powered
  • Thermostat temperature control 
  • hand wash basin and seating area within each cubicle
  • Large shower trays



*Call 01952 613436 for further details.

Hygiene Stations

Telford Toilet hire send all their best wishes to everyone during this pandemic, we are taking extra measures to ensure our staff and customers stay safe during these uncertain times. 

Working closely with one of our suppliers we have produced a hygiene station to minimise the spread and ensure public safety. These can be used in so many different places, construction sites, schools, shops, car parks, offices. Just gives that extra comfort to public being able to wash their hands whilst lockdown is relaxed.


*They are currently based on a minimum 4 weeks hire.

*Maintained by yourselves, easy to use. 

*Call 01952 613436 for further details.

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